Manga Mysteries #MangaMonday Recommendations

There are a whole bunch of manga mystery stories. Here are a very small selection that I think you should check out if you have the chance! The Kindaichi Case Files by Kanari Yozaburo and Sato Fumiya This is wildly out of print, but because most of the stories are self contained within each volume, … Continue reading Manga Mysteries #MangaMonday Recommendations

Manhwa #MangaMonday Recommendations

Funny, how despite being the person who sets up these themes, they seem to spring up on me! Ack! Today's #MangaMonday recommendations are for manhwa. So, not manga at all... this really should have been called #ManhwaMonday. Manhwa in its simplest definition are comics coming out of South Korea. There's more to that definition, but … Continue reading Manhwa #MangaMonday Recommendations

Valentine’s Day Manga #MangaMonday Recommendations

Happy Valentine's Day!! This week's #MangaMonday Recommendations topic is about Valentine's day, I of course could do nothing else but recommend *shōjo manga. I'm following up from last week where I recommended short shōnen manga, by including short shōjo series in this post! Besides being extra short, these series also feature the cutest pure-love-type boy-girl … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Manga #MangaMonday Recommendations