Manhwa #MangaMonday Recommendations

Funny, how despite being the person who sets up these themes, they seem to spring up on me! Ack!

Today’s #MangaMonday recommendations are for manhwa. So, not manga at all… this really should have been called #ManhwaMonday. Manhwa in its simplest definition are comics coming out of South Korea. There’s more to that definition, but I’ll talk about that at some later point.

I actually have a pretty size-able collection of manhwa in my collection, but it’s something I pick up rarely to read. I think I only read 2 or 3 titles last year. And, I rarely buy manhwa. I used to pick it up because I didn’t notice the difference between it and manga, plus it was published and promoted as manga… so as a new reader, the difference wasn’t clear.

But now as a seasoned reader, I will say that because manhwa can look so much like manga that it actually shows its differences more clearly. It comes from a completely different country, so of course the stories, art, scenarios, and iconography will be different. In my opinion, this difference is one of the main reasons you or I as a manga reader should be reading them. It challenges, and hones your understanding of another comic form.

So, here are a few titles that I recommend you check out:

Pig Bride by Kook Hwa Huh and SuJin Kim.

pig 1This is a short 5 volume manhwa that I would equate to a shojo fantasy romance. At the tender age of 8 a young boy, and son to a powerful family, finds himself lost in the forest. He is found by a girl in a pig mask, who’s mother threatens not to let him leave if he doesn’t marry her daughter. He is forced into this marriage, and then sent back to his family. But, at the age of 16 this girl which he remembers from his dreams now has appeared and is ready to start their married life together.

At 5 volumes, this series is packed with unexpected twists and turns, and is a treat to read. Plus, because it’s so short, it shouldn’t be too hard to collect.

Very! Very! Sweet by JiSang Shin and Geo

very very sweet

This series is similar to the above in that it stars the self-assured and cool son of a wealthy family. His family has made a name for themselves in Japan. And, because of his behaviour he is sent to live in Korea to find his roots, and maybe correct some of his bad behaviour.

He soon develops a romance/rivalry with his new next-door neighbor. And they bond over their mutual love of cats! It’s seriously one of the cutest things. Plus the art is absolutely gorgeous!

The comparison is straight-up shoujo romance. But in this one at least, the rivalry (you know that girl who has a prior claim) is dealt with in a very unusual and refreshing way. It’s interesting to read, if only to get a new perspective on an annoying trope in manga. This manhwa, like it’s title suggests is Very! Very! Sweet and is my favourite title by this author/artist duo.

Milkyway Hitchhiking by Sirial

milkway hitchhiking

This is probably THE nicest and prettiest publication that I have from Yen Press. It’s printed in their standard large size, but they’ve used a heavy weight, thick, white, high gloss page. And the book is printed in full colour.

It needs to be in colour, as that is a primary feature of this manhwa. This is essential a series of stories about the cat from the stars. He travels to different times and locations and watches humans. Sometimes he is adopted by them, and sometimes he just sits back and observes.

It’s written in a very poetic and simple language, and is an incredibly cozy read. I would highly recommend you pick this up if you have the chance. It is absolutely a treat to look at!

I think that’s all I’m going to recommend today. I do have a few other recommendations in my video from today, too, if you want some more. Anyways, I hope I’ve encouraged you to pick up some manhwa and give it a chance!

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8 thoughts on “Manhwa #MangaMonday Recommendations

  1. I must admit that I can’t completely tell the difference between manga and manhwa except they obvious left-right and full colour webcomic when it comes to black and white manhwa. I can tell by characters names and settings and culture and so on but is there anything else that sets them apart? (I do own some manhwa sand I love them. His House is absolutely a delight to read. Full colour on glossy paper is really special I think.)


    • I’ve read mostly “girls” or romance manhwa, so most of my observations are from those types of series. I find that the characters are drawn with longer features, especially faces, and that mouths frequently are more detailed, especially with lip creases that you rarely see in manga. The differences are subtle, but they’re there.
      I haven’t read “His House” yet… thanks for the recommendation. ^ ^

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      • That is true. Also, I think the characters are a bit more realistic in many manhwa, as supposed to manga, at least modern 00+ manga, where they are more cartoonish. And the surroundings and backdrop are also more detailed often. Hm, it is interesting. You should do a post about it and compare. 😊 I think more people would be interested. Many read on internet readers and you don’t really get think too much about wether it is a manga or manhwa or manhua when you do. You might get a bit confused about the left-right for a little while until you get that you read the wrong order but you don’t know why.

        His House is a great Boys Love story in three volumes. Same author as Totally Captivated (which is also totally awesome but not in color and more the regular mob story. His House has a more interesting twist to it.)


      • The reading direction certainly seems to confuse some… I could see how it’d be less obvious if you’re reading digitally.
        The comparison post/video is definitely in my list of planned topics. So it is definitely coming… I just don’t know when.
        I asked my sister about His House. Apparently she’s fully aware of it, and currently has it in her cart even. So, if she picks it up, I’ll probably get a chance to read it. She’s the avid yaoi reader/buyer of the two of us, so chances are good that we’ll own it before too long. ^ ^

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      • Then I’ll look forward to the video when you might have time for it. 😊 And tell your sister to go buy it when she has the chance because it truly, in my opinion, is a very awesome manhwa.

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